This here, is my million dollar advice to every seller, job hunter, and generally, to everyone wishing to turn their financial situation around for good.

To start with, if the topic above doesn’t resonate with you, now is the time to stop reading.

Okay, just wanted to get that out of the way.

If you’re always ending each hustling day with little or no sales…

If you send out countless job applications yet no job…

If you’re tired of being rooted to the same darned spot…

Then listen carefully because I’m about to turn your life around with this post.

You’re about to learn something no one else will be willing to teach you for FREE.

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You have two options:

You can keep doing things the way you’ve always done and be forced to ‘eat what you kill’ day in day out…

…for the rest of your life.

Or you can choose to pay attention to me for the next few minutes and discover how to appeal to your buyers’ emotions.

It’s your call.

If you choose the latter though, let’s go…

Here’s what you’re doing wrong:

You DON’T stick out.

You’re same old, same old.

You’re too perfect with your perfect products.

People are bored to death with perfection.

No one wants to hear you blab endlessly about your perfect products.

Nah, that’s boring.

No one wants to hear how you moved from a straight point A to point B.

Where’s the fun in that?

Rather, they want to hear you talk about the adventures. The intrigues.

They want to hear how you were nearly kidnapped on your way to point B.

Now, that’s something that would catch anyone’s interest.

You’re trying to be like everyone else.

Stop doing everything everyone else is doing.

Do your stuff differently for a change.

Stick out.

Take your present way of approaching your buyers and chuck it down the toilet.

Watch it spin and disappear.

Now do this:

Unplug yourself from that matrix of normalcy.

Stop doing things by the books for once and be spontaneous.

Stop selling and start giving the opportunity to buy.

Because(even if they don’t know it), people hate being sold to.

They hate you for wanting to take their money.

Value stack like crazy!

Because value is like nectar.

The bees can smell it miles away.

See every client as marathon runners close to the finish line.

You will be that waterboy offering them a bottle of water by the sideline.

No one can say no to that.

That’s what value means.

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Make them an offer even a mad man won’t be crazy enough to refuse.

Don’t know if you’ve seen The Godfather.

My favorite line in that movie was ‘I’ll give him an offer he can’t refuse’

That’s what you must aim for.

If I’m selling something to you, best believe you can’t say no.

I will give you an offer you will be a fool to say no to.

I will sell you 1 Dollar for 50 Cents.

In short, if I’m selling something to you, then you must buy.

If you don’t, then something is seriously wrong with you.


Value stack to the hilt!

If others are delivering in 4 days. Deliver in 4 hours.

If your clients are getting 25% discount elsewhere, offer 55% plus free delivery.

If they are offering their products with a body massage, offer yours with a body massage and a babysitting special offer.

I don’t care how you will do what you’re saying you will do. Find a way!

What’s important is that you outdo your competitors at all times.

Provide value and people will beg to pay you.

Provide value and you will sell ice to the Eskimo and have them thank you for it.

If somehow you don’t commit to this mentality, you’ll struggle like everyone else.

If all else fails, embrace controversy.

Because what you’re selling doesn’t sell, but controversy does.

Heck, call out one of your major competitors in a way that will get them riled up enough to talk about you obsessively.

Because you see, people are drawn to controversy.

Like flies to a carcass.

Whatever-kinda-publicity is good publicity.

For every one thousand angry people venting their anger, there will be five thousand more already in line to consult your services.

It’s just human nature.

People love spontaneity and mystery.

They love to hear a different opinion from what they are used to, even though they will never admit it.

I raised a very controversial topic online sometime ago and I was bashed endlessly for it.

But something else happened at that time.

I kept getting more and more people sliding into my DM wanting to hear more about my views on the subject.

The fact that I projected an opinion that was different from what they were used to was the deal breaker.

So, a little drama here and there is good for that business of yours.

It will have them talk about you.

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Apply what you have learned here today in any of your business and if after one week you don’t see any real results, contact me and I will personally walk with you on this journey.

That’s all folks and folkettes.


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