This is straight up, best of the best, street-smart practices that will help you save money as a student in Nigeria.

Are you constantly coming short of pocket money while in school? Are you one of those students who find it difficult to feed before the next pocket money comes in?

If you are, don’t worry, I have written this post just for you!

In this article, I have taken my time to list 10 smart practices that will help you make best use of your pocket money and help you save more as a student.

If you were like me back then in school, with no sure-fire source of income as a student, then you’re probably now familiar with the endless worries of where and when your next pocket money will come.

I have been there. I know.

Most of the time, I would worry so much about where my next meal will come from and thus, lose every enthusiasm for school work.

Na person wey chop dey read book. Abi na.

If this scenario resonates with you, then you have to read this article to the end before that next pocket money comes or you’ll find this cycle repeating itself over and over again.

While in school, you have to be street-smart with how you use your funds, except perhaps, Otedola is your biological father (which I very much doubt honestly), then you can even gather the whole hostel to dine with you every dinner time and no one would complain. There would be more where it came from.

But you and I know you’re not Otedola’s child.
Your parents only send you N10k every month. So you cannot afford to live that lavish.

Else, you’d starve. I’m serious.

There aren’t many students out there who will be very keen to give you a part of their limited pocket money, except maybe friends in your inner circle. Unlucky is your name if they are also as broke as you are.

So let’s go.


1. Get used textbooks from senior students in the same department

Get books from senior students

One of the most resourceful ways to save money as a student in Nigeria is to get used textbooks from senior students in the same department with you.

Pro tip: make friends with as many senior students as possible, you’d benefit from them in more ways than one. Thank me later.

Go to those ones who aren’t really that bookworm and could careless about the damn books. Incidentally, these category of students always have money to buy every single textbooks.

So go to them. Use cute eyes if you must, but get them to dash you all the textbooks they used when they were in the same level with you.

If you succeed with this, you won’t be buying those textbooks anymore, so you’ll get to keep that money and hopefully, use it for more pressing needs.

2. Share rent with other students

Share rent as a student

If your school doesn’t offer cheap hostel accommodation, you don’t have to break the bank while getting a place to stay. Get two or three students (of characters you approve), and share the room with them. If you do this, you’d significantly reduce the amount of money you’d be spending every year throughout your stay in school – which means more money for you.

3. Cook your own meals

Cook your own meals

If you don’t already do this, then you are really wasting money. Cooking my own meals (even with my unrefined culinary skills then), helped me achieve 3 things – It helped me

  • Save more
  • Feed well
  • Sharpen my cooking skills to a near perfect level (yes, I cook very well now), all thanks to a few of my friends who were very unlucky to taste my food then.

So cook your own meals. It has more advantages than disadvantages. And will save you lots of valuable money that you’d otherwise have spent on cafeterias.

4. Make photocopies of study materials rather than buy them

Photocopying as a way to save money as a student

Most lecturers will want you to buy study materials they have put together at a price that is not very convenient.

Good news? You don’t have to (but check to see if they are not writing names of those who bought it somewhere o). If they are not, borrow a copy from one of your classmates who has gotten the material and make photocopies of it. It will be far cheaper, especially if you’re friends with those offering the photocopying service ๐Ÿ˜‰

Doing this will help you save money as a student in Nigeria.

5. Hoard your food items and money from student beggars

Hoarding foodstuff as a student in Nigeria

Like I made you realize earlier, you’re not Otedola’s favorite first child. No, you live on N10k monthly pocket money. So because of this, you have to hoard your food items and the little money you have from student beggars.

Yep, I call them student beggars.

You’re not familiar with the term?

They are everywhere around you there on campus. The painful thing with them is that they probably even receive a lot more monthly pocket money than you do but their lavish practices make them none the wiser regarding how that money vanishes.

So it is very commonplace to see them coming for toothpaste, food to eat, your beverages, etc.

Some of them have sworn with only God knows what, that they’d never cook their own food. They keep eating out when their money comes and as expected, they spend it all within one week. Thatโ€™s when they’ll come to leech on you.

Do your possible best to avoid this parasitic relationship. Remember that you are not Otedola’s progeny.

6. Use money saving apps to your advantage

Apps to save money as a nigerian student

This beautifully written article from blogtrovert has summed up the best of the best money saving apps you can use to your advantage as a student in Nigeria. Many of these apps come with investment features and also adds mouth-watering interests to your saved up funds.

So, rather than just put money in your savings account (and you shouldn’t, because you’ll use your credit card to spend it all), make use of these money saving apps.

I personally used Piggyvest while in school and I never regretted it.


7. Inherit student furniture and electronics from graduating students

Student furniture

Remember when I mentioned being good friends with senior students? This is one of the perks you’d enjoy.

Most graduating students often don’t like carrying back all their furniture and electronics to their various houses. So what then do they do with them? Yep, that’s right, they dash them out to their favorite younger students (you๐Ÿ™‚).

Even those who would want to sell some of theirs to you, it will be at very discounted prices. So use the opportunity to get the things you need.

8. Minimize on data usage or get affordable data subscriptions

Saving money using less data

One of the things students spend heavily on is data subscriptions. You see, not many campus environments offer free wifi.

So, to cut costs and keep your sanity intact, you have to really minimize the way you use data. Cut down on the instagraming. You really don’t need Tiktok. Only use data for important academic work or for learning a skill online.

Also, look for those networks that offer very cheap data subscriptions for students. GLO is a very good option with all their mouth-watering HUGE data offers.

9. Learn to haggle

Food items

The art of haggling isn’t meant for moms only. You, as a student, must learn to negotiate price of things properly if you want to save money.

When buying food items even using public transport, you shouldn’t always pay at the first price you’re told but try to beat it down.

While in school, I was popularly known by sellers in the campus local market, as a ‘ruthless haggler’. To some, this might not be a much coveted alias, but it saved me some bucks all the same because no one would dare increase price of food items when I come to buy.

10. Have relatives send food items over


While in school, I was lucky to have relatives living where food items are sold for very cheap prices and they were more than happy to help buy these food items in bulk and send them over to me.

So, reach out to relatives and have them send you food items. This will go a long way in helping you save more money as a student in Nigeria.

If you did go through these smart points of mine and do put them all to practice, you will definitely be a happy student.

I hope you benefitted from this wealth of information.

Feel free to use the comment section to tell us about the practices you adopted that helped you save money while in school or if you feel there’s an important one I didn’t include, let me know via the comment box.

Bella Ciao ๐Ÿ˜€

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