We have all (well, at least, some of us have) gone through that point in time when we had very little to spend and are therefore not very keen on spending a dime for leisure.

Here’s what so many people don’t know though, that there are loads of fun things you can do without spending money.

“Never let lack of money interfere with having fun”– unknown

No, you don’t have to drain your savings all the time just to have fun.

So whether you are broke, trying to spend less or just generally looking for how to have fun without spending money, I have written these 20 free fun ideas for you!

Here they are:


Read a book

How to have fun without spending money

Reading is arguably the easiest way to have fun without spending money. You don’t even have to buy the books you read, you could just borrow from friends or download some wonderful apps that allow you read any book for free. Reading is a personal pastime of mine. I read for fun. The content of some books will give you much more enjoyable entertainment than any other type of fun activity money can buy. Just choose the right book and you’ll be entertained for a very long time.

Watch a movie at home

How to have fun without spending money

Movies are very good source of entertainment and you should really consider them if you are looking to have fun without spending money. You can use Netflix to stream your favorite movies and TV series all day long (use your first time free trial plan for this).

Go for a walk

How to have fun without spending money

Go for a walk around the neighborhood and allow yourself to be entertained by the scenery. Doing this will not only serve as a way to keep yourself entertained, but you’d also be giving your body the much needed exercise from walking. So yeah, go for a walk. It’ll help you kill two birds (fun and exercise) at the same time.

Do a photography challenge

How to have fun without spending money

A simple Google search of ‘photography challenge’ will provide you with several photography challenge options to choose from. Some of these challenges could be ‘taking photos of strangers on the street’, ‘photographing the same subject from different perspectives’, ‘taking photos of pets around you’, and so much more. And what’s more, these pictures can be taken with your normal smartphone. Try photography challenge today, you’ll enjoy it.

Play video games

How to have fun without spending money

Playing video games is a really cool way to have free fun. They can be played on your computer or smartphone if you don’t own a gaming console. Most video games come with very interesting storylines and really cool graphics and have been designed to provide utmost entertainment.

Play street soccer

How to have fun without spending money

Street soccer is another good way to have fun without spending money. All you need are your soccer boots, a ball, a couple of friends and a sizeable space as playing field. You don’t even have to know how to play (don’t worry, no one will criticize your crude skillset, I think), chances are those of you who’ll be playing won’t even know how to play. But believe me when I tell you, it’s a worthwhile fun activity and will help you exercise your body, at no cost at all.

Play with a pet

How to have fun without spending money

Pets are cute. Well, at least, most of them are. Certain breed of dogs are very intelligent and watching them alone will feed your curiosity. Don’t worry if you don’t own a pet, who says it has to be your pet? Play with a neighbor’s pet, it’s all the same.

Learn how to juggle

How to have fun without spending money

Juggling can be a good way to have fun if you master how to do it correctly. Personally, I have only been able to try my hands on three balls at a time and then juggle them for several seconds. This is an improvement really, seeing as I had almost given up on learning it some time ago. So why not try it out and see how much fun you have with it. Don’t worry if you don’t know how, this article, plus enough practice, should help improve your juggling skills.

Meet and interact with your neighbors

How to have fun without spending money

Staying indoors all the time won’t always do the trick if you are looking to have fun. Sometimes, all you really do need is to come out and interact with your neighbors. You’d be surprised at how this simple act will earn you lots of insightful information about your neighborhood and also keep you entertained.

Play Chess

How to have fun without spending money

Chess is perhaps the best strategy game the world has known yet. If you don’t already play chess, you’re missing a lot. But don’t worry, you can learn here. After learning, you can play with a friend who knows how to play and see if you will not be fully entertained. Till date, my friends and I play Chess for hours on end whenever they come around. It’s a game that will challenge your brain power and test your thinking ability. Seriously, playing chess is one of the best free fun you’ll find around.

Start a blog

How to have fun without spending money

Start a blog where you’ll share your thoughts with everyone and also get to teach people about the things you’re passionate about. This is a fun thing to do because you get to relive your passions by writing in your blog. Also, starting a blog will earn you sizeable income with time. You can use WordPress free hosting for this and then switch properly when you’ve found that it’s worth your while.

Play Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is a really fun game where a group of people take turns asking one another questions they must answer (Truth) or a task they must complete (dare). Hang out with a couple of friends and then suggest you tried this game. Since it only requires that you’d all just be asking questions and generally enjoying one another’s embarrassing revelations, it’s a cool way to have fun without spending money.

Practice Yoga

How to have fun without spending money

Yoga is a form of exercise widely practiced for health and relaxation. It increases your flexibility, improves respiration, cardio and circulatory health, while maintaining a balanced metabolism. Basically, what all these big grammar here means, is that, yoga is good for you. So practice yoga and have fun doing it.

Learn a foreign language for free

How to have fun without spending money

Learning a new language is fulfilling. At least, for me it is. I have always wanted to learn Spanish and I have been putting in the effort to. It’ll be a highly fulfilling life accomplishment for me if I finally become fluent in it. There’s just something about that language that just endears it to me. So, learning Spanish has been fun for me and you should find out if you’d love learning a new language too. There are several mobile apps that teach various languages for free, use them.

Blow bubbles

How to have fun without spending money

Sorry to burst your bubble (pun intended), but no, blowing bubbles is not for kids alone. That’s right. It’s a fun activity anyone can partake in and it’s relatively free to pull off. So if you’re not particularly anti-kids activity, blowing bubbles is definitely a cool way to have fun without spending money. Incase you don’t know how to, look here.

Take a long relaxing bath

How to have fun without spending money

Okay, I know you take your bath at least twice every day, but ask yourself, when was the last time you took a long, warm relaxing bath? See? You can’t remember. So while not give your body that luxurious soothing bath now while you can. And what’s more, it totally costs nothing to do this.

Go fishing

How to have fun without spending money

Fishing is a fun activity for me. I’m particularly very excited whenever there’s any mention of ‘let’s go fishing’. Not only will the natural scenery of the water keep you captivated, but also, the fishes you’ll catch will be a good motivating factor because they’ll feature in your next meal. If you don’t have the needed equipment for this, you can always go to the local fishermen and ask to come with them on their fishing trip.

Plant a tree

How to have fun without spending money

You can never go wrong with planting a cute little tree. By planting a tree, you’d be saving the planet and mother nature will keep thanking you for it. So what better way to have fun than to save the planet right? Plant a tree today and wear your own badge of saving the planet with honor.

Have a karaoke night at home

How to have fun without spending money

Who says karaoke nights must be at a bar? Yep, you should be the best entertainment you want to give yourself while in the comfort of your own home. Sing for yourself by yourself and relish every moment of it. You can use YouTube karaoke channel for this.

Take a nap

How to have fun without spending money

Sometimes, the best way to have fun is to give your body a much needed rest. Your body relaxes and replenishes lost energy when you nap. So, maybe the only fun activity your body needs right now is to just take a nap. Give it a shot, it’s worth it, and it comes at no cost at all.

I hope you enjoyed this wealth of information.

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